Automatic Campers

Owning a campervan is all about the journey, not necessarily the destination. They make the whole adventure an experience, from the moment you pull away from your home to the second you return.

At CampAway we have noticed that automatic campervans are getting increasingly popular, and we cannot help but think that the reason is because so many people find them easier to drive. Not having to change gears or use a clutch pedal makes driving a van much less stressful and removes any risk of pains to your left leg/ankle from creeping up streets on the clutch…. All in all, improving your experience of your journey.

Automatic (DSG) Campers are in high demand, which means sometimes they don’t make it to the forecourt for sale, they get snapped up during the build process. It’s always worth checking with us and letting us know what your essentials/criteria for your Camper is as if we don’t have it on the forecourt it maybe going through our build.

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