Benefits of a SWB Campervan

When looking for a Camper for sale, one thing to think about is what wheelbase you want to go for.

When looking at Campers for sale, you have the choice of either a short wheelbase van or a long wheelbase van. The difference is essentially the length! SWB measures 4.892m in length compared to a LWB which measures 5.29m in length. It is no surprise that a short wheelbase camper is shorter in length making it easier to manoeuvre around narrow streets, busy cities and makes parking that little easier.

A short wheelbase Campervan conversion is more compact, making it great for short breaks, mini holidays or your everyday vehicle. People who have never driven a van before will find it an easier transition to hop into a short wheelbase van Camper conversion, and Campervan life is all about setting off on adventures confidently and spontaneously.

If you are a keen surfer, we would recommend a short wheelbase camper as narrow streets are plentiful along the coast. A short wheelbase Campervan conversion is safer when venturing off road and less likely to get stuck when off the beaten track. The smaller turning circle allows you to easily perform a three-point turn, which can be needed when following sat navs to remote places!

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