How do we register our CampAway Campers with the DVLA?

Due to the ever populating world of the VW van conversions the DVLA have changed the requirements to help the eyes of the law distinguish between a motorhome & Campervan whilst on the road & in traffic. How does this effect you I hear you ask, let us explain…

What are the changes?

Up until 2020 you were able to register your Campervan as a “motor Caravan” this is now no longer the case unless your vehicle can demonstrate new exterior & interior specifications. You can find the full list HERE

The 3 main points that affect our CampAway Campers are the following;

  1. Motor caravan-style graphics on both sides of the vehicle;
  2. An awning bar attached to either side of the vehicle;
  3. A high-top roof (this does not include a pop-top elevating roof).

Whilst some of our Campers may have an awning fitted on the side, we do not place caravan style graphics on the exterior of the vehicle, nor do we fit high top roofs to our Campers.

What do we do now?

Due to the new changes, a van conversion will now be registered as a van with side windows, and this will be documented on your V5. This won’t affect anything else such as insurance, speed limits or ferry changes as they all fall into the same category, so please be assured it will all be taken care of.

This is a subject lots of customers can get confused or worried about, but there is no need.  Here at CampAway we want to take the admin and hassle off from you. The day of you collection is when you will sign your Campervans V5 into your name, address, and details. To support our application of changing the V5 to van with side windows we will have completed a written letter explaining all the interior specifications as well as photographic proof the interior and exterior which we will show you for peace of mind. We will take care of the DVLA application for you. Please bear in mind the application can take 4-6 weeks to return to you or in peak times even longer.

So, once you drive away with your new CampAway all you will be thinking about is where to explore first. Want to explore our full range of available Campers? Search for your dream CampAway HERE