What additional costs come with owning a Campervan

When purchasing a VW Campervan, it’s not only the purchase price you need to consider. There are several costs that you will need to budget for. So before buying a Campervan make sure you are considering the following costs.

  1. Insurance: Just like a car, you’ll need to insure your Campervan before you can legally drive it on the road. The cost of insurance can vary depending on factors such as the age, your driving history, location, and security features. With more and more insurance companies including VW van conversions in their policies, you shouldn’t find any difficulties insuring your CampAway Camper. We highly recommend using CaravanGuard, so if you are thinking of purchasing through us make sure you give them a call. Check them out here.


  1. Same as point one, to keep your Camper safe & legal on the road you will need to carry out an MOT every year just as you do with a car. Even though you are looking purchasing a van conversion, the chassis of the vehicle is still the same. You can walk into your local garage and get an MOT booked as it’s still a VW Transporter.
  1. You’ll need to tax your vehicle each year, which comes under a light’s good vehicle. The tax currently is £290, but this can change. Please check out the gov website to keep up to date which any changes. https://www.gov.uk/vehicle-tax
  1. Campervans tend to be less fuel-efficient than smaller cars. Don’t forget you really are taking the kitchen sink with you. Campervans are cleverly designed to be as light weight as possible, but of course comparing your tiny home on wheels to a car It will cost more of fuel. So, you’ll need to factor in the cost of diesel when planning your trips/ holidays away.
  1. Campsite fees. The law states that wild camping with a motorhome or touring caravan is not permitted in England, Wales, or Northern Ireland without explicit permission from the landowner. So, you will need to be planning your road trip with campsites in mind. With its growing popularity many Campsites have stepped up and have invested more money in creating better sites though out the UK. These can vary widely depending on the location and amenities offered.
  1. Upgrades and customisations. Once you’ve used your Campervan a couple of times, you may be thinking what other items you would like. For example, solar panels, awnings, Bike racks etc. With a CampAway Campers you can retro fit these optional extras at any time. We will always make sure the Camper you purchase is the right van & conversion for you, optional extras can be added at any point.
  1. Parking and storage. A big advantage to having a VW Campervan is the size of the vehicle, it can be used as an everyday vehicle. (SWB in length measures 4.9m and a LWB measures 5.3m) Meaning most people will be able to park their Camper outside of their house, however if this isn’t possible or you’re only wanting to keep your Camper for holidays only you may want to research storage facilities near you.

It’s a good idea to factor in all these costs when considering whether a VW Campervan is a good investment for you. If you have any questions regards to this blog, please give us a call we are happy to help.